Step 1:  Navigate to Edit your profile.
Step 2:  Enter you Company Information.
Step 3:  Set the default Hourly Contractor Rate.
Step 4:  Set the default Interest Rate.  We recommend 4% for all projects.
Step 5:  Set the default Reinvestment Rate.  We recommend 2% for all projects.  
Step 6:  Set the default Hourly Maintenance Rate.  We recommend defaulting to $50 and changing for each project based on client interviews.
Step 7:  Set the default Analysis Term.  We recommend defaulting to 10 years and changing if the maintenance savings is negative.
Step 8:  Set the default Sales Tax to the value in your sales territory.
Step 9:  Use the Default Report Options to limit the information that show up in the reports.

Hint:  When you create a project, the financial information defaults to the values that you set in your profile.  You can change specific project financials when the project is created and by viewing the edit project page (Review Panel>Edit Project).

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