Required for Equipment:  
Photos are required for Lights, Controls, and Accessories because they are used during navigation throughout the app and in many of the reports.  

Optional for Locations:
Photos are optional for Projects and Line Items.  Project photos are shown in the Cover Page report. 

Image Size and Extension:
Photos must be less than 2MB.   Photos must be of type *.jpg, *.png, *.jpeg, or *.JPG.

Searching Online:
Try using Google Image Search to look for a specific light or the building address of your project.  Save the image in an easy to find location.  

Choosing Images:

Click the choose file link, then navigate your file system to find and select from where it is saved.

Using your Mobile Device's Camera:
If you are using a mobile device, you will get the option to use your camera.  You can take a photo directly from the LightBids app. 

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