This article explains how to enter an incentive into your LightBids project.  You should already have an incentive or rebate in mind that you want to use.  If not, we recommend first reading finding incentive programs.

There are two ways to enter incentives into your LightBids projects to be included in the reports and financial metric calculations:

Calculated in LightBids:  Incentive Programs 

Start by creating a new incentive program in your resources dropdown.  This creates an incentive program in your account that can be used in any of your projects.  

Then navigate to a project's review panel and select an appropriate incentive program for each line item that you want to have an incentive.

The total incentive amounts are calculated in LightBids for this method.  LightBids keep the calculated total incentive amounts up to date based even if you change the project after your select the incentive.  

Single Project Incentives

Use single project incentives when you have calculated the total incentive amount outside of LightBids.  LightBids does not calculate the total incentive amount in this method. 

Single project incentives are great for users who want to calculate the incentives in a separate worksheet or when the program does not explain how the amount is calculated.  

To add a single project incentive, navigate to the project's project incentives review panel menu and create a single project incentive.

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