LightBids is everything you need craft profitable LED solutions and close the deal from simplified site inspections to high-impact energy calculations, and professional proposals that win more jobs.

What can I do with LightBids?

If you have a lighting sales company you can use LightBids to:

  • Generate professional proposals: Deliver a distinctive purchase experience that drives higher levels of customer loyalty and, ultimately, greater growth.
  • Stand behind your ROI and energy savings numbers:  Hour-by-hour energy calculations (200,000+ per zone) gives your energy calculations a level accuracy that would be impossible in a spreadsheet!
  • Quickly capture site data from anywhere:  Perform your next lighting audit on your mobile device, you can even share the proposal with your customer that same day.
  • Bring all of your products with you:  LightBids lets you create and import all of the same lights, occupancy sensor controls, utility incentive programs, utility rates, etc. that you currently use. 
  • Set pricing your way:  You have total control, build project costs the same way you do now.
  • Save time and reduce errors: Cut your calculation and proposal time by 70%.  Never worry about energy calculation spreadsheets or copy/pasting calculated values into your proposals again. 

Who uses LightBids?

  • Lighting Contractors who want to simplify their site inspection, energy calculation, and proposal process.
  • LED Sales Teams who want to boost their sales and productivity.
  • LED Manufacturers who want to empower their reps and gain insight into the product funnel.
  • Electrical Distributors who want to help their best customers by providing energy savings calculations for their best customer.
  • Lighting Reps who work with manufacturers to find the best customer product fit.

What sets LightBids apart?

Unlike a mix of spreadsheets and documents, LightBids brings everything you need to craft profitable LED sales proposals and win more sales into one simple, integrated platform that easy for everyone in your business to use.

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