You can add a proposed item to a proposal without having to add an existing item.  This is great for new construction projects.

To add a proposed item without an existing click ‘+ Add New Construction’ from the data entry page (Measures/Zones).

Default Setting - Not Included in Calculations

The default is that new construction is not included in the financial metrics. This means that they will not be added to energy, maintenance, or financial calculations.   

Most of the time, this is the best option. For example, if you install lighting in a new wing of a building, you would not want that to cut into energy savings numbers if you are retrofitting the old part of the building.  

Including New Equipment in Calculations

To change how the project is calculated, click the ‘New Construction’ link in the project navigation.  Then select all of the proposed item that you want to include in the financial metrics. 

Each of the selected items will be included in the energy, maintenance, and financial calculations. 

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